Soak in the Sunshine Brazil


Soak in the Sunshine Brazil

Highlights – Rio de Janeiro, Ouro Preto, Foz de Iguaçu,  Pantanal, Bonito, Salvador, And Costa do Sauípe

Duration :- 19 Nights / 20 Days.

Soak yourselves in the sunshine Brazilian beauty by joining people in the bustling crowd in local sightseeing places or weekly markets here which could treat you pleasurably excellent in Brazil.

Set out to visit Amazon adventure with Brazil sunshine tour in free-spirited way, perhaps this wonderland is awaiting you with little more unseen adventurous fun.

Brazil covers nearly half the entire continent of South America. The Amazon River, running across the entire width of Brazil, is the world’s largest river in terms of volume.

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  • Flight fare
  • Accommodation on 03 star hotel
  • Daily Breakfast
  • All sightseeing based on SIC
  • Return airport transfers
  • Entrance to places
  • Experienced guide


  • Items of Personal Nature.
  • Visa fees (As Applicable)
  • Other meals
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Optional tours
  • Service tax extra is applicable.
  • Any entrance fees and excursions not mentioned above Inclusions
  • Air ticket deviation cost
  • Anything not mentioned in Above Itinerary.


Rio De Janerio Day 1: Arrival In Rio De Janeiro

Today you will arrive in Rio de Janeiro at the airport where you will meet your driver who will take you to the hotel. Remaining of the day is for leisure or just explore on your own. You can either go to see and feel the lush life of the city or just take sometime to relax alone between the palm green trees, sand and waves of the ocean.

ouro preto Day 2: Head To Ouro Preto

Today after breakfast take a tour with your guide to Petropolis that is situated high in the mountains, fog tightened, at about a distance of 60km from Rio de Janeiro. A summer palace was constructed by a Last King of Brazil Dom Pedro II in 1830 so that one can move here from the hot weather of Rio de Janeiro. Due to the death of last Emperor in Paris at an age of 77 he was offset from the throne and exiled from the homeland. The ashes of the Monarch were given back to Brazil in 1922 and was thereafter buried in the Cathedral of Petropolis. At the Imperial Palace which is turned into a museum has an extraordinary collection of items like decorative art, furniture, old books, beautiful statues of saints and gold imperial crown, adorned with numerous diamonds and pearls which is traditionally attributed to the coronation of kings. The city still holds the spirit and architecture of German settlers; houses with gabled roofs and attics and also high windows. After you visit Petropolis, you will continue to the state of Minas Gerais and overnight stay at an hotel in Ouro Preto.

Meals: Breakfast

ouro preto Day 3: Explore Ouro Preto

Today after having your breakfast at the hotel, you will head out to see the church complex Congonhas, the town of Mariana and also the mines of Passagem de Mina, where gold were mined in the past. A city tour will also be conducted by your guide in Ouro Preto where you will be going to see the church of Nossa Senhora do Pilar as well as the church of San Francisco de Assis. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Foz do Iguaçu Day 4: Head To Foz Do Iguacu

Today in the morning the trip will start from Ouro Preto towards Belo Horizonte only after you’re done having breakfast at the hotel. In Belo Horizonte a tour will be conducted by your guide where you will visit the Pampulha, Freedom Square and more. After the tour is ended you will be moved to the airport in Belo Horizonte to board your flight to Foz do Iguacu. On arrival in Foz do Iguacu you will be received by your guide at the airport and he will take you to the hotel.

Meals : Breakfast

Iguazu Falls Day 5: Explore Foz Do Iguacu

Foz de Iguassu Falls is situated on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and has 275 huge water flows, falling from a terrible height. Falls are situated in the National Park with its extraordinary Flora and Fauna which came to existence here only after the volcanic eruption and the displacement of the earth formations. The name Tupi-Guarani Indian tribe is translated from the waterfalls and means “big water”. There are about 275 waterfalls, each consist of its own name, which rush down with a crash into the canyon of “Devil’s Throat”. There is an amazing contrast between the calm and even lazy river water over Iguassu Falls above and the powerful overthrow boiling water flows from over a height of 72 meters into the abyss. You can also stand there for hours without stopping, just looking at this show and appreciating the magnificence of the universe and eternity. You go on a tour “Macuco safari” into the jungle, and then later on get to the wonderful boating. You will get going inside the jungle in an open jeep body about 3 kilometers, in the company of a guide who will give you an amazing knowledge about the ecology of the region. Then later go on a walking tour to the river Iguazu, where a motor boat will take you towards the falls. You can expect the spray and a rainbow sea of delight for extraordinary pictures. There will be also be a tour to the bird park. It is situated near the National Park of Iguaçu. This place is filled with beautiful and fabulous birds with weird colors flying and walking around. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Pantanal Day 6: Move Towards Pantanal

After having your breakfast at the hotel you will be taken to the airport just in time to board on a flight taking you to Campo Grande and on arrival in Campo Grande you will be taken towards Pantanal. Pantanal is situated in the center of the South American Continent and is also a unique global conservation area, based within Brazil. The wetlands in Pantanal are covered up with dense vegetation also these are the main flowering landscape of the area. Here, lakes and rivers with crystal clear waters offer refuge scarce specimens of birds and animals. Pantanal is certainly a place for nature lovers, scientists, fishermen, photographers, and people who are bored of the rhythms of urban life – then Pantanal is the place you should be at. Here you will not only find peace with just looking at the bird life and the sheer size of butterflies but also listening to the sounds of nature, being dissolved in it. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Pantanal Day 7: Explore Pantanal

Today in the morning after you’re done with breakfast we will move towards the plains on a horse and explore the uncultivated land that are covered with shrubs, ponds and the Pantanal. During the tour you will also observe the animals and birds, which are typically of this area, as well as crocodiles that live in the rivers, close to the route path. The lunch will served on the farm and the later half of the day will be a walking tour through the scenic open spaces of the Pantanal, where you will get a chance to click some vibrant pictures. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Pantanal Day 8: Last Day In Pantanal

After breakfast today go on for Piranha fishing in the pond which is adjacent to the hotel. Standing till you’re waist deep in the water under the instructions of the guide, experience the extraordinary sensation and you may also catch a piranha from the bank of the river. You may also take a bath in the same river of crocodiles that inhabit it. Lunch and dinner shall be served at the hotel and after your dinner in the evening you will head out for canoeing. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Serra de Bodoquena Day 9: Head Towards Bonito

Today we will be going to the heart of the unspoiled nature but before that early in the morning at around 7:00 AM we will be checking out from the hotel to head out to the mountain range Serra de Bodoquena. We will also be going for trekking of 5.5km through the tropical jungle towards the twelve waterfalls, the highest waterfall in the south of Mato Grosso-Boca da Onca which is at an altitude of 156 M. You will also have a chance to take a dip at the waterfalls. Lunch will also be served and after lunch there will be sometime to rest in hammocks or just go swimming in a natural pool of the spring. It is also likely that we could go down the valley on a rope from 70 M high platform obviously under a guidance of the expert instructor. This activity isn’t charged in the package so it will cost around USD$ 70 per person. Later on we will move towards Bonito. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Grotto Blue Lake Cave Day 10: Explore Bonito

Bonito is said to be one of the most popular destinations in Brazil for eco tourism and there are also a very few places in the world where nature is preserved in such pristine beauty. Bonito is a very extraordinary place, where ancient forests coexist with stalactite and stalagmite caves, impressive waterfalls and tropical fish in the crystal clear waters of the rivers. In the morning, after having the breakfast we will go to see the Grotto Blue Lake Cave, making a lasting impression all thanks to its geological structure and water which is a sky blue colored one. The cave also has stole the attention of both the tourist also the researchers from all around the world. In the year 1992, an expedition of Brazilian paleontologists found the fossilized remains of mammals buried at the bottom of the cave that had a prehistoric giant sloth and a saber toothed tiger. After having your lunch we will move on with our diving trip at the crystal clear water of the river Rio da Prata. We will dive into the water and swim down at a distance of 50 M where you will see some amazing underwater flora and fauna. The journey starts in the reserve, where our path runs along the Rio da Prata. We will the go to see the source Olho d’Água, where we will start rafting on the river, which originates in the source and are joined by gold fish, piraputanga, and pacush who will keep us entertained all our way. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

El Salvador Brazil Day 11: Head Towards El Salvador

After having your breakfast; you will then move on towards the airport of Campo Grande just in time to board a flight taking you to El Salvador. On arrival in El Salvador, you will be received by your guide who will drop you till the hotel. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

El Salvador Brazil Day 12: Discover More About El Salvador

The guide will receive you from the hotel to leave for a scenic tour in Salvador city. Salvador is a city where everything gets mixed easily together; the old and the new culture which is best noticeable in its architecture. During this trip you will also get to see the Solar Unhao, colonial architecture of the 18th century, where you will discover the Museum of Modern Art (MAM). The MAM’s collection consist of the works of Mario Cravo Neto Calazans, Portinari, Caribe among the work of others of visual arts. Take a small break to click pictures in the Dock Tororo, a pond that is decorated with images of other gods such as gods of Candomblé, represented in the water and on land. Then move on to downtown where the Church of Our Lord of Bonfim is situated, formation of the XVIII century facade with neoclassical and rococo interior is the well known church in the state and center of devotion and miracles. Stop to click some pictures at Fort Mont Serrat which has a very amazing view over the entrance to the Bahia de Todos os Santos, right after we stop for shopping at the Mercado Modelo (Craft Centre). After the tour comes to an end you will get back to the hotel for some quick nap or just to relax. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

costa do sauipe Day 13: Head To Costa Do Sauipe

Today after breakfast you will be checked out from the hotel and moved to your resort in Costa do Sauipe for some relaxed days at sea. Overnight stay at resort.

Meals: Breakfast

costa do sauipe Day 14 To 16: In Costa Do Sauipe

These three days are for leisure or just enjoying your vacation by the sea. Basically doing everything by yourself. Overnight stay at resort.

Meals: Breakfast

Rio de Janeiro Day 17: From Costa Do Sauipe To El Salvador And From There To Rio De Janeiro

After finishing your breakfast, driver will take you to the airport of El Salvador just in time to board your flight to Rio de Janeiro. On arrival in Rio de Janeiro, you will be received by the guide who will take you to the hotel. Rest of the day you will spend all according to yourself. Maybe some may want to quickly see and feel the lush life of the city and some may want to be alone, then there is always a corner somewhere between palm trees, sand, and ocean waves to go to. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Rio de Janeiro Day 18: Move To Rio De Janeiro

Today you will have your breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast you will go on a half-day excursion to the Sugar Loaf as planned. The first destination on the list is Urca Mountain, with a wide viewing area, where you can either eat in the restaurant or bar. On the mountain of Sugar Loaf you will also have a chance to see the beautiful view of Rio, Copacabana beach, the bay, the surrounding mountains, islands in the ocean, bridge Niteroi, and the statue of Christ on Corcovado Mountain. Then you will be travelling by car to the central regions of the old Rio, where you can appreciate several old churches, monasteries, the main cathedral of the city, and the buildings that were constructed in the colonial style. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Christ the Redeemer Day 19: Explore Rio De Janeiro

After breakfast we will set off on a trip through the city. Arriving at the station, where the environmentally friendly train will take us through the jungle to the top of Corcovado. On both the side of the railway you will have magnificent views from Tijuca forest, inhabited by monkeys and other exotic animals and birds. At the top of Corcovado, at an altitude of 700 m above sea level, stands the symbol of Rio – Statue of Christ the Savior (38m), which was constructed in the year 1931. A breathtaking scenic view of the metropolis and its environs Bridge Niteroi, Guanabara Bay, the Botanical Garden, the world’s huge Maracana stadium, Sugar Loaf, and more is possible from the top of Corcovado. Overnight stay at hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

Rio de Janeiro Day 20: Time To Head Back Home From Rio De Janeiro

Today after breakfast at the hotel in the morning you will be taken to the International Airport just in time to board a flight back home.

Meals: Breakfast


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