Polar Cruises

Polar Cruises

Polar Cruises is the master in cruises p go to Antarctica. We are interestingly met all requirements to enable you to design your polar undertaking to the most immaculate wild territories on earth.

Since 1991, our staff has taken part in voyages to the Antarctic and Cold locales as Campaign Excursion Pioneers, Naturalists, Program and Activities Administrators, and travelers. Polar Cruises staff knows the boats and excursions from individual experience since we go to Antarctica and the Ice each season.

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 Headquarters Bend, Oregon, US
 Parent Organization Polar Latitudes
 No. of Locations
 Founded 1991

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Numerous visit organizations run Antarctica Cruises and Ice undertakings, offering an extensive variety of polar Cruises choices, schedules, dates and costs. We assess the nature of the boats, activities, visit projects and organizations, and give polar journey deliver data and campaign trip surveys. At that point we converse with you about your movement inclinations and book the best polar get-away for you. Pick a couple of polar get-aways and visits that intrigue you.

Antarctica is the southern polar district, and the Ice is the northern polar locale. Polar areas have to a great degree icy, brutal atmospheres that require plants and creatures to adjust in fascinating ways.

What’s the key distinction between the areas? Antarctica is a landmass encompassed by sea, while the Ice is a sea totally encompassed via arrive.

Ice is normally thicker than Antarctica ice (6 – 10 ft and in a few spots 12-15 ft). Nonetheless, with water under it, a portion of the water’s warmth escapes through the ice. Indeed, even in winter, a portion of the ice separates and discharges sea warmth to warm the air. The Cold gets moderately warm water from the Atlantic and Pacific seas.