South America Tour Packages

South America Tour Packages

South America is a continent located in the western hemisphere, mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the northern hemisphere. It may also be considered a subcontinent of the Americas, which is how it is viewed in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking regions of the Americas. The reference to South America instead of other regions (like Latin America or the Southern Cone) has increased in the last decades due to changing geopolitical dynamics (in particular, the rise of Brazil).

Useful Information

 Land Area 17,840,000 km2
 Population 420,458,044
 Countries 12 UN members
 Largest City  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amusing Brazil and Argentina Tours

  • 13 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Orientation walk around Buenos Aires
  • Colonial city Tour
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Paraty City Tour
  • Ilha Grande City Tour
  • Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon
  • Rio de Janeiro city Tour
13 Nights/ 14 Days
Buenos Aires, Colonia, Foz do Iguacu, Iguazu Falls, Paraty, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Delights of Brazil Tour Packages with Argentina

  • 8 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Day trip to Colonia
  • Santiago city tour
  • Mendoza city tour & wine garden.
  • Buenos Aires city tour & local market
  • Rio De Janeiro city tour
08 Nights/ 09 Days
Buenos Aires, Colonia, Iguazu Falls, Paraty, Rio De Janeiro

Colombia Bolivia Tour

  • 11 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Bogotá city tour
  • Armenia Visit – Colombia’s Coffee Region
  • Cartagena de las Indias Visit
  • La Paz city tour
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Uyuni Visit
11 Nights/ 12 Days
Bogotá, Armenia, Cartagena, La Paz, Lake Titicac And Uyuni

Zealous Chile Argentina Tour Packages

  • 8 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Buenos Aires city tour
  • Bariloche city tour
  • Puerto Varas city tour
  • Santiago city tour


08 Nights/ 09 Days
Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Puerto Varas, Santiago

Golden Place of South America

  • 11 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Rio De Janeiro city tour
  • Corcovado sites
  • Iguazu falls
  • Iguazu National Park
  • ecological jungle train ride
  • Buenos Aires city
  • Santiago city
  • Valparaiso city tour
  • Winery tour
  • Devil’s Throat Falls
  • Valparaiso
11 Nights/ 12 Days
Rio De Janeiro, Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires, Santiago And Valparaiso

Discover Full South America Panorama Tour

  • 12 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Lima city tour
  • Cuzco city tour
  • Machu Picchu village
  • Visit the Titicaca Lake
  • La Paz
  • Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  • Iguassu Falls
  • Rio de Janeiro city tour
17 Nights/ 18 Days
Lima, Cuzco, Puno, Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Santa Cruz De La Sierra, Asunción, Foz Do Iguassu And Rio De Janeiro

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South America is the southern contingent of America and it is the first largest continent which consists of various astounding and beautiful wonders of the world. Amazon, which is the world’s biggest rain forest, is located here and it is the home of the majestic Andes too. This part of America is full with numerous natural attractions along with some breathtaking beaches too. Brazil is one of the most popular countries in South America which gets maximum number of tourists and attention per year. The Rio festival of Brazil is the most famous one, as it is considered as the lover’s paradise and the perfect holiday destination, due to its remote islands and heavenly beaches. South America has suddenly regained its tourism potential and it serves the most exotic locations for all those people who are looking for something extraordinary in their holidays. It can be considered as the most virgin territory which is yet to be explored by tourists.

If you are looking for an ideal destination to make your holidays unforgettable then South America provides you with some unbeatable locations in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland island, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. If you are planning on spending your vacations in South America then you better explore all the South America tour packages which are provided by various tour agencies. South America tours have become more common and convenient these days due to availability of various conveyance sources. But before you book any South America vacation packages you should be compare the basic itinerary and other important accommodation details before embarking your journey.

If you really want to witness some impeccable things here, then you must not miss the most important routes attraction which is the Brazilian Carnival. These festival lasts for almost 40 days before Easter and it is celebrated with a lot of road shows, parade, dance and music. You will be able to explore the cultural background of this place through this festival. The world famous dance form Samba gained fame from here only. South America vacations will present you the epitome of nature’s artistry through exotic islands and the cities, which are completely the breathtaking creations of mankind. The Angel falls at Venezuela, forests and mountains which are the characteristics of this continent, can be considered as the perfect example of sheer beauty of South America. This continent is full of various traveling and exploring options for all the nature lovers and adventure seekers too.

Even the wildlife lovers will find South America very useful as the Amazon basin is the home to wildlife creatures like crocodiles, anacondas, beautiful and unseen birds, and existing plants and trees. So if you are even a little but adventurous, you must not miss a trip to the Amazon basin. When you will move to the Easter island in Chile, you will find huge sculptures all over the island. You will get to feel the glory and mysticism of the God once you move to the lost city of Machu Picchu. The tranquility and the serenity of the lake Titicaca will provide you with all the inner peace which you have been craving for all along.

There are various tour agencies online which organize these tour packages to South America, all you got to do is to take some time of go through their plans. These trips are going to make you an unforgettable memory for your entire life and you will never regret investing your time and money on them.

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