Palau Vacation Packages

Palau Vacation Packages

Useful Information

 Capital Ngerulmud
 Population 21,503
 Currency United States Dollar
 Major Religion Christianity

Perfect Palau

  • 4 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Koror Island
  • Milky Way
  • Etpison Museum
  • Long Beach
  • Rock Islands Southern Lagoon
  • Jellyfish Lake
  • German Channel
  • Big Drop-off
  • Ngardmau falls
4 Nights/ 5 Days

Amazing Palau

  • 2 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Snorkeling
  • Zip line
  • Palau Eco Theme Park
  • Rock Islands
  • Babeldaob island
02 Nights/ 03 Days

      Best Time To Visit- Month-by-month guide to travelling.

It’s quite pleasant in January as the temperatures swing between 24.6 and 30.3 degree Celsius. It is a definitely a great time to visit for tourists.

Continuing the favourable weather conditions of January, this month (24.5 to 30.2 degree Celsius) also makes to the ‘best time to visit’ category.

It only gets better as the year progresses. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant weather as the maximum temperature goes up till 30.6 degrees.

The temperature falls further and swings between 24.7 degrees and 30.4 degrees. With 25 rainy days this month, it’s still not a very bad time to visit.

July is truly the best time to visit Palau, as the temperature averages between 24.7 degrees and 30.1 degrees. Climate remains pleasant.

August is a beautiful time to visit Palau as rainfall reduces slightly and the temperatures remain pleasant between 27.5 degrees and 30 degrees.

Carrying forward the temperatures of august, Palau continues the good weather conditions throughout the month at 27.6 and 30.3 degrees.

With hardly any difference from the previous month temperatures, October welcomes the tourists with warm temperatures averaging between 27.8 and 30.6 degrees.

The heat continues to rise, making the temperatures average between 25 degree Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius. Rainy days decrease to 22.

It gets a tad bit cooler in the Holiday season, making it a great time to visit the destination. Temperatures remain between 24.8 to 30.7 degrees.

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