Hong Kong Tour Packages

Hong Kong Tour Packages

Useful Information

 Population 7,409,800
 Currency Hong Kong Dollar
 Major Religion Chinese Religion

Best of East Asia

  • 9 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Macau City Tour
  • Hong Kong City Tour
  • Disneyland Tour
  • Hong Kong Airport- Macau – Hong Kong Ferry tickets
  • Coral Island Tour
  • Bangkok City Tour
10 Nights/ 11 Days
Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok And Pattaya

Delights of Hong Kong-Macau-Shenzhen

  • 6 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Macau city Tour
  • Hong Kong city tour
  • Disneyland tour
  • Shenzhen city tour
  • Hong Kong – Macau – Hong Kong ferry tickets
06 Nights/ 07 Days.
Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen

Hong Kong Macau With Disneyland

  • 5 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Hong Kong city tour
  • Macau Tour
  • Disneyland Theme Park
05 Nights /06 Days.
Hong Kong, Macau

Exotic Hong Kong

  • 4 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Hong Kong city tour
  • One way cable car
  • Madam Tussauds
  • Lantau Island tour
  • Macau tour
04 Nights/05 Days
Hong Kong, Lantau, Shenzhen/ Macau

      Best Time To Visit- Month-by-month guide to travelling.

It’s quite pleasant in January as the temperatures swing between 18 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius. It’s  a great time to visit for tourists.

Continuing the favourable weather conditions of January, this month (17 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius) also makes to the ‘best time to visit’ category.

It only gets better as the year progresses. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant weather as the maximum temperature goes up till 24 degree Celsius.

There is no reason to wait anymore. April brings to you good weather with the temperature averaging between 21 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius.

There is a slight rise in the mercury levels as the temperatures average between 24 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius. It is still a great time to visit the country.

With hardly any difference from the previous month temperatures, June welcomes the tourists with warm temperatures averaging between 27 degree Celsius and 29 degree Celsius.

The subtropical climate continues and it is still a great time to visit the destination. Temperatures average at 30 degree Celsius and 34 degrees

August is a beautiful time to visit Hong Kong as the temperatures remain pleasant between 30 degree Celsius and 34 degrees.

Carrying forward the temperatures of august, Hong Kong continues the good weather conditions throughout the month at 29 degree Celsius and 33 degrees.

It gets cooler as the Holiday season approaches, making it a great time to visit the destination. Temperatures remain between 27 degree Celsius to 31 degrees.

November is truly the best time to visit Hong Kong, as the temperature averages between 22 degrees and 27 degrees. Climate remains pleasant.

The average temperature sways between 18 and 24 degrees. You might want to experience these temperatures so plan your visit soon!

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Hong Kong Tour Package

HongKong Package, a well renowned travel destination for the juniors. The city of sky scrapers, it is one of the richest metropolitan in Asia, blessed with a pleasant climate & vibrant culture. Encircled by the Pearl River Delta & South China Sea, Hong Kong lies to the south coast of China, and heralded as the Special administrative Region. Although this lovely destination is situated in China, it enjoys great liberty &has its own currency & legal system. A former British colony, Hongkong tour package
has established itself as a unique destination for travelers. The city practices both Cantonese & English which makes traveling for English speaking travelers easier. Tourists can avail exotic Disneyland excursion on Hong Kong tour packages from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai etc & special interest tours for Hong Kong from SimonsHolidays.in at most competitive prices and explore this wonderful city like never before.

HongKong Package introduces you to yearlong destinations that never fail to be charm its visitors. The city offers an unforgettable & vibrant holiday experience to travelers who visit this landscape in search for something exotic. The lovely city with a never-ending charm is visited by foreign tourists in large numbers, and considered a once in a lifetime destination. There are several vacations, Hong Kong tour packages from Delhi, and Hong Kong package from Mumbai to his lovely destination. Hong Kong packages is a treasure trove for honeymooners, adventure seekers, family vacationers, and travelers on a budget. The hazy mountains, rocky islands, breathtaking sights, tracing sounds & varied tastes also compels travelers to their escape with a HongKong Packages from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Kolkata.

The city is home to a myriad of spots & attractions to help travelers relish everything HongKong has to offer with a city sightseeing tour. Vacationers on their Hong Kong packages tour will never run out of entertainment options, and can here relish each day in the best possible manner. Visit the Victoria peak during sunset and get ready to catch a glimpse of the stunning skyline, and the finest harbors. A major part of every HongKong package, the Victoria Peak is a must for every traveler who wishes to explore Hong Kong. The city is also famous for its happening nightlife, local shopping spots that attracts a lot of foreign crowd, as well as mouth-watering delicacies. Visit the Temple Street Night Market, for some striking categories to shop from, or splurge on some great international brands at the shopping malls, and relish the best delicacies from the kitchens of Hong Kong at the city’s best restaurants, you will surely have the best time of your life on these Hong Kong Tour Packages from Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai, Kolkata etc and all other cities from India.

Moreover, the HongKong Disneyland Park is another intriguing reason that draws in travelers from various parts of the world to the cheap Hong Kong Tour Package. From kids, youngsters to adults, Hong Kong tour package are a dream come true for everyone. The moderate temperature throughout the year makes Hong Kong a yearly destination for travelers based across the length & breadth of the planet.

Plan your escape with Simons Holidays now and getaway to this lovely landscape with the best itineraries. Let’s take a look at some our Cheap HongKong tour package lined up just for you.

HongKong packages offers a cultural kaleidoscope, shopper’s paradise, food lover’s gastronomical gateway, and a wanderer’s stop, Hong Kong tour package is a larger than life destination that can be best explored with cheap HongKong tour packages. Home to famous financial centers featuring a skyline dotted with towering buildings, and the world’s best shopping places, Hong Kong is visited by tourists from various countries. Travelers can here find harmony among various cultures like Cantonese, Mandarin, and British that have a great influence over this metropolitan city in the HongKong package. While shoppers can here explore the trendy boutiques, traditional product stores, luxurious malls, and local street markets, food lovers can relish the best of Cantonese food, Asian delicacies, as well as European cuisines. Also, party lovers can here find a number of bars, and pubs that serve their interest. In addition to this, you can also make the most out of your night with a visit to the Victoria Harbor and enjoy the Symphony of Lights in the HongKong package from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune, kolkata, Kerala and various other cities of India.

Moreover, the enticing & colorful fairs & festivals featuring lion dances, lots of fireworks, parades and carnivals that is also the highlight of every HongKong package. To add more fun to your escape, you can take a HongKong package tour and enjoy a day at the happiest place on earth meeting & greeting your favorite Disney characters. However, if you still crave for something more then we will suggest booking a Hong Kong package that takes your across the most famous & breathtaking attractions of Hong Kong & Macau.

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