Colombia Packages

Colombia Packages

Useful Information

 Capital Bogotá
 Population 49,587,941
 Currency Colombian peso
 Major Religion Christianity

Colombia Bolivia Tour

  • 11 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Bogotá city tour
  • Armenia Visit – Colombia’s Coffee Region
  • Cartagena de las Indias Visit
  • La Paz city tour
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Uyuni Visit
11 Nights/ 12 Days
Bogotá, Armenia, Cartagena, La Paz, Lake Titicac And Uyuni

Bogota & San Agustin Tour

  • 13 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Bogotá city tour
  • Colombia’s Coffee Region
  • San Agustín Archaeological Park Visit
  • Villa de Leyva Visit
  • Armenia Visit
07 Nights/ 08 Days
Bogotá, Villa de Leyva, Armenia, Coffee Region And San Agustín

Colombia Coffee Tour with Cartagena

  • 13 Night Accommodation with hotel
  • Daily Breakfasts
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transfers on SIC basis
  • Airfare
  • Bogotá city tour
  • Nuquí beaches Visit
  • Colombia’s Coffee Region
  • San Agustín Archaeological Park Visit
  • Cartagena de las Indias Visit
  • Islas del Rosario Underwater National Park
13 Nights/ 14 Days
Bogota, Nuqui, Pacific Coast, Colombia, San Agustin, Cartagena And Islas del Rosario

      Best Time To Visit- Month-by-month guide to travelling.

With cold temperature averages swaying between 0.9 degrees and 13 degree Celsius, it’s not a good time to visit this destination.

The maximum temperature during this time goes up to only 15 degree Celsius. Unless you are a fan of such weather conditions, chose to wait it out.

There is a slight rise in the mercury levels as the temperatures average between 6.1 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius. It is still a great time to visit the country.

There is no reason to wait anymore. April brings to you good weather with the temperature averaging between 10.2 degree Celsius and 24.0 degree Celsius.

Carrying forward the temperatures of April, Colombia continues the good weather conditions throughout the month at 15.3 degree Celsius and 28 degrees.

June is a beautiful time to visit Colombia as the temperatures remain pleasant between 20.1 degrees and 32 degrees.

It’s quite pleasant in July as the temperatures swing between 22 and 33 degree Celsius. It is a great time to visit for tourists.

With a slight difference from last month’s temperatures, the averages swing between 21.7 and 32 degree Celsius. It’s still not a good time to visit.

There is a light dip in the temperature this month as the averages fall between 17.9 degree Celsius and 29 degrees. You can expect a cool month.

The temperature falls further and swings between 11.2 degrees and 24 degrees. It’s still not a very bad time to visit.

The average temperature sways between 8.7 degree Celsius and 19 degrees. You might want to experience these temperatures so plan your visit soon!

It gets cooler in the Holiday season, making it a great time to visit the destination. Temperatures remain between 7 degree Celsius and 14 degrees.

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Fun-Filled Vacations In Colombia

If you are planning on an adventurous and fun filled vacation, then Colombia is the right place for you to be with your family and friends. Counted amongst the most beautiful countries of the world, Colombia is bordered by Venezuela and Brazil in the east, Ecuador and Peru in the south, Caribbean Sea in the north and Pacific Ocean in the west. Holidays in Colombia are so much fun that the tourism in this country is growing at a very rapid pace. This country gets a lot of tourists every year and Colombia offers a great place for sightseeing, adventures, forests and beaches.

Major Tourist Attractions In Colombia:-
Before you go on a Colombia vacation, you must have a list of places which you shouldn’t miss. Here is a list given for your below:-

  • Medellin – This city is known as the second largest city in Colombia. It is located in the Aburrá Valley, which is one of the more northerly of the Andes in South America. There are is park known as Parque Explora and both kids and adults here can learn about science and technology in this park. If you want to peep into the history and culture of this area, then the Museum of Antioquia is the best place to begin with. It consists of 108 pieces of art from Botero. Bolivar square is situated right in the center of the city and is a refuge of shade shade surrounded by various restaurants and shopping. This place is ideal if you want to pass some time.
  • Cartagena de Indias – This is one of the most popular cities of Colombia which is enriched with history which is found in the old walled city. The UNESCO has given Cartagena a title of world heritage site and it should be on the top of your list if you are on Colombia tour. You should visit this place at the night time when it looks the prettiest.
  • Amazon Rainforest – Being the largest tropical rainforest in the world, Amazon rainforest is the a world natural heritage site too. You will be stunned by the beauty, diversity and splendidness is this forest. You will be captivated by the wildness here but you will also be enlightened by it. There are many outdoor activities that you can carry out on a jungle expedition such as- canoe rides in small creeks, jungle trekking, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, folkloric night shows, bird watching, sport fishing and sunrise tours.
  • Ciudad Perdida– If you are looking for an adventurous trip in Colombia then don’t forget to visit the lost city, which is Ciudad Perdida. It will take around 5-6 days to trek in order to reach the city but it will totally be worth your wait. This is way of 20 km and you will come across various rivers, indigenous villages and their inhabitants villages and their inhabitants. You will also across various amazing sights which will make this trip memorable for your lifetime.

If you are looking for Colombia packages for tours then you will easily find one on the internet. All you need to do is to do a research and see that if they take you to all the places you want to go or not. Holidays in Colombia are always considered as full of sightseeing and adventure. All those people who want to spend some time on the beach can visit a Caribbean island. No matter if you are coming here for the first time or the second time, you will always have a lot of things to do here in Colombia.