Antarctica Tour Packages

Antarctica Tour Packages

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 Capital None
 Population 5,000 Temporary
 Currency None
 Major Religion None

      Best Time To Visit- Month-by-month guide to travelling.

Whale-lovers are in for a treat if you visit during these months. One can spot various species of whales like the Humpback, Sperm and Orca.  Bird-lovers, who couldn’t visit in the earlier months, need not be disheartened either. Sea-birds and fledging penguin chicks wait around the continent to be admired by you!

Let’s make this as precise as possible. A. It’s Antarctica B. It’s Winter. A and B put together, makes it impossible to visit Antarctica during this time! Freezing temperatures dominate throughout the continent and we are pretty sure,  it won’t be much appealing to a majority of explorers! Wait it out, if you wish to visit Antarctica.

In South Georgia and Falkland Islands, love is literally in the air, with the start of courting and mating season of the Penguins in late October. Some cruises start to operate around this time of the year and if you are lucky enough to get yourself and your partner on these, Antarctica holds the promise of a very romantic holiday!

The winter ice breaks up and moulds Antarctica into a beautiful land of icebergs and sculptures. You can see the male seals asserting their breeding beaches. The romantic vibe is further enhanced by the blooming wildflowers in South Georgia and the Falklands.

During these months, Antarctica is as warm as the snow permits it to be. It’s the season time and cruise travels make December and January quite busy. You can spot penguins, seals and sea birds all around the continent. If you wish to go over-board with a snowy Christmas, this is THE holiday destination. Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance!

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