Pump up the extravagance in 2016, by starting the year with Dubai shopping festival! Shop in style at this mega carnival and book all your savings for this grand shopping spree! We assure you, it’ll be worth it! With a glorious past of 20 years, this festival has grown to become one of the best in the world. Attracting glamour from all around the world, it promises you a trip to remember for a lifetime! Fashion icons, Movie stars, Soulful musicians and most importantly, discounts and freebies await your arrival!

Dubai is lit up for one whole month when travellers from all over the world bombard the city and bring with them a colourful rainbow of ethnicities. It’s a celebration for all you fashion lovers as models from across the continents oblige to update you about the latest trends in clothing and accessories. Get a seat close to the ramp and enjoy the shades and texture of every outfit! These shows will be conducted at various venues in Dubai, so if you miss one, there’s always a second lined up for you! Grab on to get a glimpse of what’s in vogue internationally.

These days are packed with travellers roaming amidst alluring banners and enticing discounts, while the nights are marked by beautiful fireworks, exciting enough to get your adrenaline rushing! Meet like-minded people and socialize at the most exotic dining palaces. Live life king size with Dubai’s premium accommodation provisions. Dubai shopping festival is the last piece you need to complete the puzzle of that perfect itinerary. All plans fall into place when you enter this city of riches. Don’t hesitate to participate in the raffle draws, you might just get lucky and wake up to heaps of gold the next morning!

This arena of entertainment has lots to offer besides shopping during the festival. Say your wife is busy with her gal pals, you have an option of surrendering yourself in one of the unique recreation centres! Balloon rides, desert safaris and water sports are available to soothe your adventure lust. Gear up for musical evenings with artists from all over prepped to enchant the numerous culture halls of Dubai. Expect the streets to be alive with merriment on the faces of the locals and the tourists alike! The exceptional acrobatic performances are sure to strike the audiences in awe every year. Book your tickets today, there’s bucket-loads of fun waiting for you and your loved ones.

This season, be sure to be a part of this month long festivity starting from the 1st of January 2016. Dubai shopping festival celebrates a proud 21st anniversary and continues to enthral the city in a shining veil of diverse culture, fun-filled activities and tempting sales and gifts! This destination offers all the perks that you can expect on your long due shopping spree. Be it carpets or jewellery, clothes or electronics, Dubai shopping festival got this one covered for you! Plan your trip today and give your year the dynamic start that it needs!