This December pick from the most exotic travel destinations to welcome the New Year! We have listed the most festive carnivals and the most colourful celebrations so that YOU can make the best out of your holidays! We will first introduce you to the “What’s hot?” destinations. Guess what? Chicago is stepping up this year, to cook up the Chi-town rising! The Chicagoans are tired to watch the ball drop at New York every year and so they are hosting a party on the north and south river fronts of Michigan. Music, fireworks and much more await your presence!

The Sydney harbor fireworks, have been the talk of the town very New Year’s Eve. Make sure you get the best spot to watch these amazing fireworks! The 9 pm Fireworks, followed by an equally splendid mid night fireworks, shoot off the arches, cat walks and Buildings near the Sydney harbour bridge to give us an “All White” finale! If you are celebrating the New Year with your kids, a sky filled with lights and colours that sync to a soulful soundtrack, will be the best gift for them as well as yourself! Enter the New Year with an awe-struck zest.

If you are young and single, there is another reason to be happy! Las Vegas! It’s a great time to be 21, for the Vegas party does not allow anyone below that age. It’s going to be busy and when we say busy, we mean it literally. People from all over, will crowd the Vegas strip that runs from Russell to Sahara! The traffic is going be shut by 6 and soon the streets will be filled with tourists and locals in silly hats and noise makers. It’ll be drinks and food and friends and fireworks!! You’ll know that it’s a good time to be alive!

If you are lucky enough to be in Paris, for the New Year’s Eve, make sure that you have a plan in place. Be it clubbing or dinners, indoors or outdoors, the city is going to be packed! Paris offers you too many options and it’ll be very easy to get over whelmed. The champagne tastes like sparkling starts and no matter what you choose to drink your night away, this is one experience you ought not miss! The Champ Elysees is lit up with bright faces and tempting restaurants, you’ll truly know “C’est la vie! “

Rio de Janerio is a great place to be at any time of the year, but the New Year;s Eve is one night, when you can just mingle with the masses at Copacabana, Let your hair down and don’t bother about personal space, because at this beach, you aren’t getting any! Chill it off with a can of beer and make friends of strangers under the majestic black lit up with splendid lights! It’s advisable to book a room well in advance to save up on your costs. This New Year’s Eve, no matter what your mood, a new place is sure to cheer you up!